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Anything that would have anything to do with Frank Joseph. Almost always stupid stuff. Sometimes excruciatingly gay.
Person 1: I would get a very large bullet and put it in a very large gun and stick the very large barrel in my mouth and pull the very large trigger so the very large bullet would blow up my very large brain.

Person 2: That sounded kinda frankish.
by Brian and Darby October 15, 2003
Eric Franks
tech editor
Techinical editor for York Publishing, Inc.
Person with high score on Galaga.
John Smith has Frankish hand eye coordination.
by Amanda Huggenkish December 31, 2003
The act of sodomizing a marsupials pouch with no remorse, followed by a petition for a charitable donation to the Red Cross.
After double dipping the Giraffe, Paul Hogan did the Frankish with a cross eyed kangaroo. He dipped and then he dipped again.
by MonkeyHasRights September 01, 2006
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