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to give a girl anal sex while she's under the impression it's another guy
This chick was laying naked on some other guy, so i just walked in and frank'd her. She had no idea.
by Cincyfan1 May 03, 2010
In reference to the Camp Workcoeman Ranger, Frank Gallaher. To "improve" or "fix" any broken (or unbroken) object. In reality, this only prolongs having someone more qualified fix the object in question, or replacing it altogether. Also: Un-Frank, Un-Frank'd: To actually put a lasting and altogether useful fix on a broken item, or to reverse a Franking.
"What are you doing there?"
"Well, my mailbox got Frank'd by my dad, so I'm trying to repair the damage. It'll take a few days, though."
by CWSprtsDirect63 August 19, 2009

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