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when someone acts like a complete frank, meaning they act in a wild or unruly manner often causing some kind of distress or even injury or sexual practice towards people and commonly causing some kind of damage to either peoples or property on a fairly large scale.
"sorry i franked up your house dude"
"did you see terry last night he was franked! he threw a burning spear through the double glazing"
"you mean to say you franked my daughter!"
by garybaldy69 May 17, 2011
to break, smash or ruin something. Or to strike, hit, punch, poke or fist....Even sometimes to take, steal, or have in a sexual way... the end result being... whatever it is that has been subjected to the frank, is now useless...

prob originated in the british postal service, where stamps were franked rendering them used and now useless and invalid.
"boy i'm gonna frank you up the side of the head!"
"that girl is so gorgeous, im gonna frank her silly."
by garybaldy69 May 17, 2011

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