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A Linux kernel module developed by Eli Billauer that provides the generation of random numbers ten to fifty times faster than the traditional /dev/urandom.
<Visitor> I'm wanting to overwrite a very large partition with random data, but /dev/urandom is way to slow.
<Assistant> Maybe you should try frandom.
by MetalRandomist February 17, 2008
Frandom is the term that YouTuber Connor Franta uses to refer to his viewers. His youtuber friends, Tyler Oakley and Troye Sivan helped him come up with the name and he introduced the viewers to the name in a Q&A video
The Frandom is the best fandom ever!!!
by nobodycomparestome September 10, 2014
meanin summit is more than random....its fuckin random! FUCKIN + RANDOM= FRANDOM
A:i love pies
B:that was frandom!
by *~NAME~* June 22, 2005
A mix of 'fucking' and 'random', it means that something is more than random, it's fucking random!
Josh: MOOO!
Nat: That was frandom!
by Trampikey and Goldie! June 19, 2005
Like "Random" only with an "f" at the start.
What the funk, that was frandom.
by Alan May 14, 2005
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