An awesome popular american youtuber. One of the most adorable, funny, hot, sexy and interesting guys you will ever come across. He makes your heart melt with his witty comments, beautiful green eyes and perfect smile. He posts videos every monday., also known as "Frantastic Monday," to a collab channel called O2L (Our second life.) Yet he also has his own channel.
Me: OMG I'm in love with Connor Franta
Friend: :O Me tooo, His eyes are amazing and he's soooo funny
Me: Haha yes! I always look forward to Mondays cuz of him :)
by Let it go August 14, 2013
an amazing cute handsome adorkable American YouTuber from Minnesota. his love of cat coffee and swimming makes him the perfect person. he has three YouTube channels. his main channel Connor Franta his vlog channel More Connor and his colab channel O2L (Our Second Life.) he currently live and California la with his friend Ricky Dillon Kian Lawley and Jc Caylen. and all I have to say if your every having a bad Monday. (Witch you probably are I mean its Monday.) you should tune into Connor Franta he make a video every frantastic Monday. after a long Monday he the only one I want to see.
OMG its a frantastic Monday!!! We need to go watch Connor Franta!!!!
by LIVE-LOVE-LANEY December 01, 2013
youtuber. Extremely handsome. Amazing person who loves people named Crystal. Someone who can always make you laugh and smile on a sad day.
Crystal: My boyfriend is always making me laugh, I'm glad I have him.

Lisa: I wish I had a Connor Franta!
by timglub July 14, 2013
A GAY American Youtuber originating from Minnesota. He is gorgeous and we all wish we could marry him.
Too bad Connor Franta is gay, aye?
by thisbetternotbeinuse December 19, 2014

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