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meanin summit is more than random....its fuckin random! FUCKIN + RANDOM= FRANDOM
A:i love pies
B:that was frandom!
by *~NAME~* June 22, 2005

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kernel linux module random rng
A Linux kernel module developed by Eli Billauer that provides the generation of random numbers ten to fifty times faster than the traditional /dev/urandom.
<Visitor> I'm wanting to overwrite a very large partition with random data, but /dev/urandom is way to slow.
<Assistant> Maybe you should try frandom.
by MetalRandomist February 17, 2008
A mix of 'fucking' and 'random', it means that something is more than random, it's fucking random!
Josh: MOOO!
Nat: That was frandom!
by Trampikey and Goldie! June 19, 2005
Like "Random" only with an "f" at the start.
What the funk, that was frandom.
by Alan May 14, 2005