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a drop dead goregeous girl she turns heads everytime people see her. people always want to start something with her because they're jealous and envy her. butshe's an amazing person really sweet, kind, misunderstood, loving ,lovely amazing personality. the best person you'll ever meet. you'll fall in love with her because of her looks and personality, and intelligence. successful and independent woman
franchesca is a model in the making, role model, successful woman
by laaanie October 12, 2009
378 77
that girl who loves to laugh. She has a beautiful smile, hair, and skin. Everyone tells her so, sometimes she believes it, but most the time she doesn't. Very talented, preferably loves to sing! And has a very wide range of interest. She doesn't fit into a particular category, she is very diverse! She looks exotic, but at the same time looks like you average girl. She's indecisive, and hard to explain, there's so much to her! Overall, a very unique beautiful person.
That's that girl! Franchesca!
by your dreams March 21, 2012
80 11
A Exclimation reffering to the crotch
*kicked in the balls* OOOOH FRANCHESCA!!
by Evilbright April 07, 2006
135 151