Pronounced Fra-Gee-Lee. Italian word meaning "Very Expensive".
Sam: That box says fragile.
Chris: You mean FRA-GEE-LEE, its Italian.
by Christophercolumbus February 06, 2006
Top Definition
A French term meaning \"throw hard against a wall\"
Airline baggage handlers know the meaning of the French word \"fragile\"
by Lorg Skyegon April 26, 2005
it means it can be easily broken and so it has to be handled with care
"this box of glass is fragile'
by Salo June 24, 2006
Most common word written on box.
...andhere comes another fragile box! Be careful or else we are wiped!
by Artman40 November 10, 2004
Meaning something must be italian
Fragile? Why it must be italian
by Horab December 30, 2003
In the shipping industry, "fragile" means "You need a better box"
The poorly made box was labled fragile in hopes it would survive shipping. It never stood a chance.
by Lokis SongBird December 03, 2008
Prebroken for your convenience.
Matt picked up the box of mirrors and noticed the "Fragile" written on the side. He shook it once, noted the sound of glass shaking around and nodded solemnly. "Ahhh, already broken." He tossed it into the claims cart and continued to stock Furniture.
by bAc0Nb0Y July 13, 2005
A very, very popular album released by one of the greatest prog rock bands of all time, Yes in 1971. Yes' fourth album included the introduction of keyboard wizard, Rick Wakeman (also played for Black Sabbath) and the great single hit, "Roundabout". A musical masterpiece!
"Roundabout" from Fragile is great man, but I love "South Side of the Sky" better....
by Dead Head June 28, 2005

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