The personal past tense of frag - to have been killed by someone in a computer game.
I just got fragged by that tank, again!

That's 16 times I've fragged you now, Jeff!
by wererogue January 09, 2004
Top Definition
Verb form of Frag, which was derived from the Vientam War Era wounding caused by FRAGmentation weaponry (bullets, grenades, and mortar shells included), and is used to denote a kill of an enemy in FPS(First Person Shooter)games.
I fragged 21 guys in that one round.

You got fragged!
by Jong-scx January 03, 2005
Resurrecting this great word that originated during the Vietnam War. Higher ups said no such thing existed but too many soldiers said it did...tweaking it just a bit to be is the organized retaliation by those in power (govt/police etc)against a targeted person or community, usually poor and/or vulnerable (disabilities). It usual looks like something that is by accident like friendly fire so the motivation gets 'hidden'.

It is the deliberate causing of discomfort, injury or even death but made to look like an accident or something of their own doing.
I reported the police corruption and in turn they fragged by brother by beating him behind the store.

That poor woman took her own life after years of fighting with the drug dealers. (In this case the drug dealers fragged this women-by taking her own life she looks mentally unstable because she is poor but it was really the end result of too much abuse from the drug dealers who wanted her gone for calling the police too much).

by MsDeeVeeAns March 18, 2008
To spiritedly insert ones finger into another only to pull it out as if 'pulling a pin' out of a grenade.
"Did you hear? Ingham Fragged Walsh!"
by nopartS December 09, 2009
Obliterated.Either physically or mentally.
Neurologically challenged due to over use of chemical stimulants or hallucinogenic drugs.
Too much acid,speed E,etc,and your head will be FRAGGED.
by mugwump November 13, 2004

To be so drunk that the only term that comes to mind is fragged.

Can also be used when high or extremely tired.

Synonyms: wasted, obliterated, mind fucked, retarded.
"I am so fragged right now, I can't even stand up."

"Dude, we were totally fragged last night."

"Lets get so fragged that we pass out with a fat chick on top of us."
by DJ Gorilla December 03, 2006
To get wasted (Completely destroyed by drugs/alcohol)
I got absolutely fragged at the party last night.
by Controlled.Chaos115 June 16, 2015
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