Inconvenient or terrible situation
I was in a frag all Friday
by FormFaktor February 27, 2003
A Transfrormers curse word, meaning "F***!"
"Frag this!" - Rattrap
by Dreadlock February 13, 2008

1. To destroy the enemy through explosive means or ends in disembowling/dismembering.

2. To kill the enemy via a hand grenade.
1. I totally fragged all those n00bs while playing UnrealTournament!

2. I totally fragged that Nazi sumbitch.
by Ryan M. November 30, 2004
Short for fragmentary grenade, a grenade designed to propel shrapnel, generally with an approximate radius of 15 feet.
Throw that frag into the bunker.
by Geoff January 19, 2003
Noun; Verb

(N) A small piece of coral that was recently cut from a mother colony of coral.

(V) To cut or slice a living coral polyp/ flesh into two or more pieces, in order to be propagated into a new coral from the now smaller piece or fragment.
1. The frag of green star polyps is adjusting nicely to the new tank.

2. I tried fragging my old hammer coral, but it died because I cut it wrong.
by thedonchild August 24, 2012
A slang word which is a shortened version of frag grenades or hand-grenades. Commonly used in First Person Computer shooting games.
"Bring your tanks...I got frags, I got frags."
by niceeeeeee January 06, 2007
1) kill somebody in a FPS
2) Term used when you throw a Grenade
3) From Fragged
1)"Dude you fraged this n00b too easily"
3){Big}nigazboy fragged {LMAO}Sexynickky
by fLiTcH August 18, 2006
Cool, awesome, choice, sexy, sick-nasty
"Did you see that trick that guy just did?"
"Yeah man, it was pretty FRAG.
by Lord Duke Dr. Prof. Patrick II December 15, 2013
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