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Abbreviation for "Faps Per Minute".
Indicates your fapping speed.
P1: "Dude, what's your fpm?"
P2: "Over nine thousand!"
P1: "Whoa that's a lot. My record is at 88 fpm, and I came buckets that time. Anyways, I better find some better fap material I guess."
P2: "You sure should, you sure should..."
by o1743h5fq August 05, 2008
Fucks Per Minute - The average number of times someone says "fuck" in a movie or television series.
"It has also been reported that the series had a total count of "fucks" of 2980, and a cumulative FPM of 1.56."
by amyghania August 15, 2007
A males Faps Per Minute. FPM can be measured with a metronome or weird friend counting. FPM may also be known as SPM or strokes per minute. FPM can range from 50 or 'practicing lasting longer' to 100 or 'quickie behind dustbin between shifts working at McDonald's'.
If you don't know what a metronome is you're a uncultured fag.
'Jonnys working on his FPM right now'
'New girlfriend?'
by FPM is the future October 21, 2013
The number of times one drops the F-bomb in a minute. The rate at which one experiences blue mouth.
His FPM are as high as a NY cab driver.
by New in NYC May 14, 2012
In Starcraft, the abbreviated version of "fastest possible map"; a 'money' map in which resources are collected extremely quickly (thus the name). *Played by mostly beginners or people that don't have the time to play a real match.
"Hey, I'll face you one on one on fpm"
by RuthlessBastard May 13, 2004
Flash Per Minute - the amount of flashbulbs that go off when a celebrity steps onto the "red carpet" is an indication of how popular they are.
Madonna didn't have so many FPM's this time - perhaps her popularity is waning...
by Sijo1 February 09, 2009
Abbreviation for 'Frags per Minute'
Hey, look, I finally got an FPM of above 5! :D
by Abraxa August 29, 2003

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