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adj. Describing the mouth of a man or woman that has cured a man of blue balls.
Jeff got blue mouth after helping Erik with his "problem."
by Shpoiken April 29, 2005
A pent up need to spew curse words, foul language or vitriol that requires a verbal release of swearing to relieve it.
After a day working with pre-schoolers, Mr. Brown liked to relieve his blue mouth by hurling a string of expletives at no one in particular.
#expletives #cursing #swearing #foul language #insults
by New in NY May 14, 2012
When a girl or a guy suck on too much dick, which will cause an infection in your mouth.
Ivy just got a blue mouth from sucking Daniel`s dick.
#blue #mouth #nasty #sex #infection
by poopheaddddddddddddd April 19, 2010
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