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a tree huggin bint usually has grazes on her arms from hugging trees and bushes
that foxers deserves the shit to be knocked outta her and she needs some straight leg trousers and the sandels will have to go ..big time
by george w bush September 12, 2003
Boxers worn by or designed for dominant, sexy women, as in a fox wearing boxers. (Compare to manties, aka man panties.)
Already infatuated by Terri's take-charge, sexy demeanor, Carl was still surprised to see her wearing foxers.
by bosskev September 03, 2009
legend but has tree hugging tendencies
wheres foxers ?
person 2- poleberry hugging trees
by mackers mcginty September 15, 2003
A good looking girl with a great personality.
Man shes just a foxer
by Jrer March 01, 2010