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1) noun. multiple orgasms from four+orgasm

2) verb. to fourgasm or to have multiple orgasms
During one long passionate night with herself Wes achieved fourgasms with the greatest of precision and ease.
by Kaworu July 04, 2004
to have a foursome and all be having an orgasm at the same time!
four lesbians scisoring which is a fourgasm
by chris furr September 20, 2008
The ability to give 4 (cumulative total) female orgasms to one or more girls during 1 sexual experience, i.e. 2 orgasms to 2 girls, 4 orgasms to 1 girl, etc.
Some dude: Yo man, what'd you do last night?
Orgy guy: I had a fourgasm.
Some dude: What's that?
Orgy guy: If you don't know, you're not ready.
by funkyeah February 15, 2009
word used to describe a woman's multiple orgasms
Oh my God, I didn't have an orgasm, that was a fourgasm
by Caroline69 January 16, 2009
Four people having sex together, preferably two specimens of each gender though still VERY kinky if done in any other way.

Liz: dude!!! i had a fourgasm with the Jonas Brothers last night!!!
Ann: FUCK YOU!!!!!
salmi: yummm.........four girls in one bed.......
by copperocks August 28, 2008
When three gay men are having a threesome, and another gay man walks in and says, "Room for EVEN more?" and the three gay men reply, in unison, very flamboyantly, "Fourgasm!"
I had a fourgasm with Chet, Scott, and Adam last night
by assermann January 28, 2011
To have an four orgasms at the same time.
I just had a fourgasm
by 3cheeses.521 July 19, 2010
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