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When one puts a dildo on each of his/her four fingers and proceeds to slap another across the face with the dildoed hand. Preferably preceded by a killer setup, see below.

Term coined by Edward Penishands.
Dude 1 has his hand hidden behind his back with a dildo on each of his four fingers.

Dude 1, “You’ve got a fourdick on your face.”
Dude 2, “I think you messed up that joke man. Isn’t it supposed to be a dickfor?”

Dude 1, “Who said anything about a joke? I’m just telling you you’ve got a fourdick on your face.”
Dude 2, “Fine, I’ll bite. What’s a fourdick?”
Dude 1 slaps Dude 2 across the face with his dildoed hand.
by martinslips June 09, 2016
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