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A race, where multiple teams of four people compete to see which team can finish the following things in the least amount of time: a 30 of beer, a fifth of liquor, an eighth of weed, and an extra-large cheese pizza.
Guy: Yo, Adam booted before he finished the four by four last night.
Other guy: Yea, I know. What a pussy.
by dphi May 18, 2010
My 93 year old dad's term for toilet paper. Apparently some antique arrangement of the sheets.
I need to get to the store, I got everything but the four by fours.
by a a ! June 04, 2015
Military: Squared away, shipshape
Officer: "How's that job I asked you to take care of?"

Proud Enlisted Man: "It's four by four, Sir. Ready to Rock and roll."
by Mosin Nagant March 04, 2014
Typically a woman who is as tall as she is wide.
That bitch is a four by four.
by Hutch April 23, 2003
a specialty burger from 'In 'n Out burger'. It's not on the menu, but if you ask for it...they know what it is.
"Can I have a four by four?"
"Isn't that a burger with four pieces of meat and four pieces of cheese? Sure, here you go."
"This burger is awesome!"
by Josh Allison December 01, 2003
also 4x4. Four wheeled four wheel drive vehicle. any 4WD vehicle.
Land Rover

The best 4x4xfar
by Gumba Gumba April 06, 2004
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