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A .45 caliber handgun or pistol, usualy used in urban slang such as rap.
Common to words such as tre deuce being a .32, deuce deuce being a .22.
"Looked up and I seen Swift shootin it out
But I can't see who he's shootin it out with
But Denaun's right behind him squeezin his four fifth"

-Eminem (one shot 2 shot)
by chris November 15, 2004
144 37
a .45 handgun

must write 20 letters
must write 20 letters
must write 20 letters
i keep my four fifth tucked in my button up
by thebay707yeeyeeyee! February 25, 2006
38 18
a .45 pistol.
i capped yo ass with a four fifth.
by Anonymous October 05, 2003
34 15
another word used in place of saying forty five, a colt 45 gun.
man i got in the club with the four fifths, let some shit pop off iam ready.
by bert2 June 29, 2005
32 15
noun, slang.

an urban or slang term used to describe a .45 caliber pistol.

origin: southeastern Virginia (Virginia Beach/Norfolk), Newport News
"hit 'em with the neener man/
or that four-fifth guaranteed to lean ya, man, whoa" - Malice of the Clipse, on Baby's "What Happened To That Boy"
by C_Smith April 30, 2006
16 7