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The opposite of a fair-weather friend, a foul-weather friend only seeks you out if they have a problem, need a shoulder to cry on, a ride to town or someone to watch their dog, but otherwise they act as if they don't even know you. They're only your chum when they're glum.
A foul-weather friend will never call you to go out with other friends, go to a show or just go hang out, but the minute trouble comes, your foul-weather friend knows you are good old reliable you, the one who will listen when no one else will, and they act like you're their only friend. Don't expect the same in return either. When you've got a problem, they'll usually tell you not to bring them down.
by Reni Winter May 12, 2006
A foul-weather friend is the opposite of a fair-weather friend. A fair-weather friend is your friend when your life is fine, and times are good but they abandon you when you have a problem, lose your job, etc.

A foul-weather friend is someone who likes to be around you when you are unemployed, depressed and in the dumps. He/she feels sorry for you, and gets some pleasure out of feeling superior, handing out advice, berating you for having a bad attitude. As soon as you get out of the slump, get a job, get in shape, get a decent place to live, etc., the fair weather friend is jealous, and stops speaking to you.

Now that you are not a total loser, the foul-weather friend can't stand you.
As soon as I got a new job and a decent place to live, my foul-weather friend stopped speaking to me.
by Tabitha Elkins April 10, 2008
a sucky friend who is not there for you and probably talks a lot of shit behind your back. they only care about themselves and their problems.
point is: they don't deserve you.
she is a very foul-weather friend.
by blueyedgirl8484 April 10, 2008
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