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A fat hairy lumberjack who wishes to be an artist.
He consumes flapjacks as his primary means of fuel
Often seem yodeling while cutting down trees, which causes him to be mistaken for the sasquatch
If engages, you may be stalked for 8-10 business days
He often believes that his cutting down of trees is an art form, and tries to initial his work, by peeing his name in the snow
Is a strong believer in astronomical signs effecting everyday life, and may blame personal faults on their sign
Is afraid of names with both letters: I and E in them
Enjoys eating chewy bars, when flapjacks can't be found
Person 1: Is that sasquatch eating pancakes while peeing in the snow?
Person 2: No, I think that's fotsch, we better avoid him
by F.valentine August 15, 2009
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