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To be penile challenged or w/o average size penis.
Guru, Dizzle and Bushboy boast about a large penis when they are only rocking 3 inches
by TxChauty February 11, 2005
To be bamboozled into joining a cult of complete idiots baring gifts such as outdated music links and a promise of a better tomorrow.
America got foshizzled into voting for Bush.
by Corrector February 11, 2005
To politically screw someone/a party up twice. A sure screwing, fucking up a party's political aspirations. George Bus and Ken star are two big foshizzlers. Democrat party was foshizzled(twice for sho)
Bushboy and Dizzle's party was foshizzled again. The state of Florida foshizzled the democrats again. Blaze and Bubus are big time foshizzlers
by Guru February 10, 2005
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