Someone who is called Wally, Ernie, or Chris. A "POS", "nub", or other variation of person that is a "meanie" for no reason. </3
Fal why are you such a forty-four.
Stop being 44 gry, you pinche KS.
by CrashTestVictim October 17, 2003
Top Definition
location of supreme coolness;
'to dwell there is to be cool'; reknowned dopespot where entertainment is constant;
elite inhabitants; Casa de Cool
'yo u chillin at 44'
'anyone at 44 hookin up a deal'
'u dont know about 44'
by Dizzle Richmond January 24, 2005
the largest street legal tire
usually on a very large lifted vehicle like a jeep or a truck
yo you rollin those 44" superswampers?
by natewcu912 February 12, 2005
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