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Adjective: A female or a portion thereof that is so delectable that to properly indulge, one would require the use of a fork and knife.
Verb: To indulge in such a female or portion thereof.
Kunal: Mmm. Look at that money badonkadonk.
Rich: That applebottom is fork-and-knife.
Eric: I would so fork-and-knife that hose hound.
by Eric February 22, 2005
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Four fingers in the pussy and a thumb in the anus. The new shocker.
After the ceremony, Randy gave Colleen the fork and knife.
by Whitewidow May 24, 2014
3 0
cockney rhyme for "wife"
"Tony, where's the fork and knife gone?"
by mikee84 May 13, 2008
4 3