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taking a program, and using it for a different purpose, essentially two similar programs, based off the same coding.
non-tech guy: hey bob, I need that x1117 forked by tomorrow.

tech guy: sure evan!
by misingno March 21, 2013
Robert Banhegyi is infact a fork.
Hey, you see that kid over there?" "Yea, Robert?" "Yea, he's fork, aye?" "hahaha, yea, a serious one
by Mystrey person. June 30, 2010
Fucking dork
Oh my God you are such a fork!
by suskral January 03, 2010
to stick a ton of forks (tines up) in someone's yard.
hey, wanna go fork ralph tonight? i got purple forks this time.
by carolinaliar. April 20, 2009
A person who is a faggot.
Did you see Valentina? She's such a fork.
by JDSNigger November 24, 2011
what comes up when you try and type dork into a text message.
Sally: You're such a fork!

Doug: thanks...?

Sally: whoops... meant dork
by rani_of_the_roses May 17, 2009
to steal or shoplift
i forked a load of cd's from the record store
by manc-goat May 07, 2009
An object used for masturbation.
Paige used her fork all night!
by gymgurl March 16, 2009