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when one "causes a forest fire" that refers to the action of setting a females pubic hairs on fire
this act should be restricted to only being used on bitches; remotely respectable girls do not deserve that much pain and suffering... but bitches definitely do
the custom is to light a forest fire after sex by subtly dropping a flammable liquid above the vaginal area by the pubic hairs and placing a match to that same area.
do NOT use gasoline! thats simply too hardcore.
one alternative method to cause the forest fire, as proposed by Señor Berger, consists of taking a fuse from a firework, "accidentally" dropping it one the pubes and proceeding to inconspicuously light it.
Jose Contreras: I caused a muthafuckin forest fire on that bitch!
Bruce Lee: jesus! that is hardcore.
by benny b from the bronx November 11, 2004
54 13
Ginger Pubic hair
Eddie pull your pants up, im getting hot from your forest fire.
by Grantttt February 12, 2009
13 6
The act in which two red-headed lesbians scissors, causing their red pubic hair to rub together vigorously.
Yesterday I walked in on my mom and Wendy starting a forest fire. I think I lost interest in all women.

Dang Jim, don't get caught in that forest fire over there.
by Eugene Horney September 10, 2010
4 2
A word used when labeling a homosexual as a very big homosexual, the other word used for a homosexual is a flamer, forestfire is a word to describe homos that are very open,visual and proactive about their sexuality.
oh my goodness look at that forestfire over there!
by imameric September 06, 2010
1 0
Noun. The term for outdoor sex with a redheaded person.
"I enjoyed a forest fire with my ginger boyfriend the other night."
by Yoyomaaa June 23, 2014
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a bushy cunt with crabs.
A woman you have to stay away from. She will give you a burning lip stick. And that is not fun. That is what will will happen is you touch a forest fire.
by Adam Mchimer February 17, 2008
1 2
When a bunch of gingers are together in one place
Look at that forest fire!!!!! owait its just reber
by ilovetofuckgingers November 09, 2007
2 3