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when one "causes a forest fire" that refers to the action of setting a females pubic hairs on fire
this act should be restricted to only being used on bitches; remotely respectable girls do not deserve that much pain and suffering... but bitches definitely do
the custom is to light a forest fire after sex by subtly dropping a flammable liquid above the vaginal area by the pubic hairs and placing a match to that same area.
do NOT use gasoline! thats simply too hardcore.
one alternative method to cause the forest fire, as proposed by Señor Berger, consists of taking a fuse from a firework, "accidentally" dropping it one the pubes and proceeding to inconspicuously light it.
Jose Contreras: I caused a muthafuckin forest fire on that bitch!
Bruce Lee: jesus! that is hardcore.
by benny b from the bronx November 11, 2004
The act in which two red-headed lesbians scissors, causing their red pubic hair to rub together vigorously.
Yesterday I walked in on my mom and Wendy starting a forest fire. I think I lost interest in all women.

Dang Jim, don't get caught in that forest fire over there.
by Eugene Horney September 10, 2010
Noun. The term for outdoor sex with a redheaded person.
"I enjoyed a forest fire with my ginger boyfriend the other night."
by Yoyomaaa June 23, 2014
A word used when labeling a homosexual as a very big homosexual, the other word used for a homosexual is a flamer, forestfire is a word to describe homos that are very open,visual and proactive about their sexuality.
oh my goodness look at that forestfire over there!
by imameric September 06, 2010
a forest fire happens when someone with excessively long pubic hairs fucks for too long and too hard, way past the point of bush burn. Forest fires occur when the pubic hairs become so heated by friction that they combust, resulting in a very un pleasent dilema.
"hey, i heard you give it to a woman hard, you wanna head up to my room"

"yeah well let me shave my shit first...don't want another forest fire happenin'.
by The-Mathias July 10, 2008
a bushy cunt with crabs.
A woman you have to stay away from. She will give you a burning lip stick. And that is not fun. That is what will will happen is you touch a forest fire.
by Adam Mchimer February 17, 2008
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