1.) really bad breath
2.) a really nasty fart
3.) the smell left after one takes a dump or while one is pooping
1.) Man, you have a serious case of forange!!
2.) Did you forange? That was sick!!
3.) I can smell that forange all the way down the hall! Turn on the fan in there!
by sarah the poopologist March 18, 2006
Top Definition
to look or search for oranges
You are hungry too? Let's forange together.
by supernal December 12, 2005
the action of sperm blasting into the desired nostril of the receiver after four months of not having sex. after four months because by this time you will ejaculate powerful enough for the semen to pour out eyes, mouth, and opposite nostril of the receiver.
The forange i gave Olivia the other night looked as if she was crying a milkshake.
by Dr.O.B.cunningham July 10, 2011
When white folks misuse tanning lotion and become really fucking orange = Forange
Izzy: Bet you can't make anything rhyme with orange
Maisha: Forange.
Izzy: Damn
Maisha: Where's my 5 bucks
by Thisrhymeswithorange June 29, 2011
A word that means a "foreign orange".
In other words... A word made up making it now possible to rhyme something with Orange.
Dude where did that Forange come from?
That's one Forange Orange.
by Anonymous132486632 June 23, 2011
A word made simply to create a word that rhymes with Orange.

Also can be used to refer to a fake (plastic) orange.
Wow, this forange is not delicious. It tastes like parablendium.

I be bustin' these beats.
As I pick these beets.
Off to the oranges.
Cause I gots to get me some foranges.
by Switz213 February 10, 2009
vile dirty queg
i.e. an ugly & sexually promiscuous young skinny camp gay man
1) he's been around a lot, the forange!
2) this bar is filled with foranges!
3) that forange has more mince than the Asdas!
4) I hate him, he's a forange!
by thefuturesforange September 11, 2006
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