1.) really bad breath
2.) a really nasty fart
3.) the smell left after one takes a dump or while one is pooping
1.) Man, you have a serious case of forange!!
2.) Did you forange? That was sick!!
3.) I can smell that forange all the way down the hall! Turn on the fan in there!
by sarah the poopologist March 18, 2006
Forange is a tanned tourist that does not know the difference between being tanned and looking like ripe piece of piss colored fruit.
Often used in Northern Europe to call out foreign people that are dumber than the aforementioned fruit.
You, forange! Get out of my shop or..
How dumb are you? Didn't you learn history at school forange?
Everyone here looks like big lemon Popsicles, dam foranges can't stop tanning.
by Criss L September 19, 2014

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