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A termed used to express an extreme level of something
I fucked up my foot for real" - "I fucked up my foot real bad
by Gabe1234567 May 09, 2011
not for fake

(ie not false or misleading)
JStoves: For real?
JNA: For real! Not for fake!
by JNA May 17, 2007
Can be used in place of "yes."
"Are you coming to watch the jelly-wrestling Brian?"

"For real, man."
by Ross October 14, 2003
Also prounounced "Pho Real?"

You can say anything to anyone, as long as you say it with a smile, and say Pho Real! afterwords and prop them.
Fred: Eric, you're a mung drinker doucebag, I hate you.

Eric: what?

Fred: Pho real! (props eric)
by Eric September 01, 2003
What horribly stupid people say in grammatical horror in turn to a suprising statement.
Man 1: Wow, you are REALLY stupid.
Man 2: For reals?
Man 1: ...
by Super Koopa July 02, 2005