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A cute and fancy way to say 'toes'.
Hey, you stepped on my footnuggets!!!
by POCHO January 19, 2016
a footnugget is dried poop stuck between your toes as the result of steeping in poop with no shoes or socks on.
dude you gotta clean your yard i went to get the paper this morning and i stepped in dog shit and now i got a footnugget.
#shit #poop #dung #crap #turd
by kiddoriginal218 March 09, 2010
A new and fancy way to describe those little friends that live on your toes.
Dad: this little piggy went to the market, this little piggy went to work, and this little piggy went..
Kid: dad stop touching my foot nuggets!!!
#toes #feet #foot #nugget #piggy #stub
by El domarino January 18, 2015
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