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to unwillingly insert as much of your foot into your partners mouth during hot booty sex
Craig, get you smelly, cheesy, son of a bitch of a foot out of my mouth mumbles natalie with a mouth full of foot
by craig June 23, 2004
1.(noun): One who often says the wrong thing.

2.(adjective): A moment one may have when they say something akward/inappropriate.
1. Bill is such a foot mouth; he told Sally to "tough it out" when her boyfriend broke up with her.

2. Bill had a foot mouth moment yesterday when he asked his algebra teacher for a lap dance.
by rebecca</3 April 21, 2007
When someone;enigma;etc. says something ridiculous and then regrets it. You can accuse them of being a 'footmouth'.
"Yo bro, why you gotta' be such a footmouth all the time?!"
"Man, sorry, just do that hustlin' all the time..."
by .Enigma.Of.Anonymous. October 31, 2012