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a game played on bmx, typically bmx's which envolves a large number or people riding round a small area, like a bowl, and keepin both feet of the floor who ever puts the foot down is out. the last one riding is the winner.
who wants to go down the bowl for a comp of foot down
by alex2 April 11, 2006
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Footdown; originates in Essex but is currently at large in Norfolk! A footdown generally has a heavy right foot and a tendency to never lift until the bang! You need to be very quick if you wish to see this rare animal, "blink and you'll miss it" is very appropiate. It can mostly be seen on 4 wheels though be very careful if you see it on 2! this will mean that it's travelling much faster than normal.
Warning you should never attempt to impede the progress of footdown as this only serves to annoy it, not something you should do at all, ever.
There goes Footdown, Pulled a footdown, pulling a footdown, footdown again.
by Footdown October 31, 2007
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