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GAS- a fart (noun)
Hey girl, you better make a doodie after that nasty foosie!
by Foosiegirl August 19, 2009
A fool with a big butt.
Divya: "Hey foosie where you at?"
Hetal Patel: "I'm right over here baby."
by Goober D May 01, 2008
to b*tch, nag or moan about something.

to constantly complain about stuff.

to smell funky.
Damn girl why you gotta be so Foosie infont of all my peeps?
when its that time of the month for your girlfriend and she acts like a b*tch to you. she's just bein Foosie!
"man i aighnt trippin off that girl. shes hella foosie anyways!
by sam Bow August 13, 2006
A single snack food whether that be candy, chocolate or other "treats" that is given by an adult to bribe a child into remaining silent over a certain issue between said adult and child. The plural of this noun is Foosies. Please also note that to pronounciate the word,the 'Foo' must be exaggerated - i.e. Foooooosie
Mr. Tansey managed to remain in his job as a teacher for so long due to liberal dishing out of the 'foosies'
by Foosie_Monster October 11, 2010
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