Someone who is extremely hot.
"Oh my god, how hot is he?" "Yeah I know, what a Fooser".
by William Elderberry January 27, 2007
Top Definition
A foosball player; usually someone who is talented at the game. This definition is common among foosball (table soccer) players in Canada.
Frederico Colignon is the world's best fooser.
by Matrixx Mage June 17, 2009
a fooser is one that is a Fool + Loser = Fooser.
Damn, Luis couldn't catch a ball if his life depended on it. What a fooser!
by TossMySaladPlease June 08, 2005
One who is so bad at the game of foosball, that he actually makes others he plays with or against equally as bad. Just by looking that this person, you will go bad...for life. Some might call this person a "Total Loser", this is incorrect. He is a fooser.
Someone in the room, who's name rhymes with Karl, is a total fooser.
by steve February 06, 2003
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