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An offensive move in foosball. When a defender is trying to clear the ball, your offensive 3-man rod deflects the ball back into the victim's own net. A.K.A. "Jedi-ed" because of the psychic skill it takes.

Foosing your opponent earns you the right to call your opponent a girl's name (e.g. buttercup, doris, pocahontas)
Hahahah Foosed! How you like that, Pocahontas?
by James T February 13, 2005
When an arrogant, macho, or sexist man gets taken down a notch by a more athletic woman in a competitive endeavor.
I used to think Mike was the man, but he was just totally foosed by Angela.
#sports #sexist #foose #fooser #defeat
by NYMC May 12, 2007
To have had sex with a woman.
He foosed that.
#fuck #hit #bang #avoid #virgin
by D'hyrelle Joyn'zahn March 10, 2010
to be bent over and anally assaulted by the rod of a foosball
"I almost foosed you"
#foosed #foos #foos'd #anal #condom
by tamereestnoir August 29, 2007
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