1.To be fucking pooped, extremely warn out.

2.To take a huge poop, extreme defecation.
1.It’s been a long day. Man I’m fooped!

2.I just took a huge foop!
by Kywii April 16, 2009
Top Definition
Kid friendly way of saying sharted

combination of fart and pooped
Daughter (sobbing): "Daddy, I accidentally pooped in my pants when I tried to fart, I'm sorry"
Daddy: (how do I say it's ok that she sharted?) "It's ok honey, you just FOOPED. It happens to a lot of people."
by medicJT794 February 08, 2010
when you start to fart and end up poopin, unlike shart where you think it's a fart but it's a wet shit.
Mike had some bad gas, and by the look on his face you could clearly see he fooped.
by cheapshot May 02, 2006
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