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This is known as Munging in some circles
By eating the excretion from the dead womans vagina, Dennis verified all of his friends beliefs that he was a real Munger.
by TK March 28, 2005
8 16

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this is NOT the correct word for this practice. The correct word is MUNG. Yes it is the act of munging. Get your shit straight
I went munging last night and had to eat most of her large intestine.
by bob March 26, 2005
8 10
Go see "munging". Thats the correct word for this disgusting act.
No example needed if you read the others.
by jonny March 30, 2005
3 14
an incorrect word, see definition of mumphing
foopalooting is a madeup word, mumphing is what your talking about
by hawk March 26, 2005
9 30
WARNING: Vile content ahead! Foopalooting describes necrophiliac activity that involves the following: exhuming a freshly buried female body and jumping up and down on the dead body's stomach. Whatever comes out of the vaginal area is then eaten with a spoon. One who engages in such heinous acts is known as a foopalooter.
Teddy is a sick bastard - he was at the graveyard last night for 3 hours foopalooting that chick that died a couple weeks back.
by lil' cat October 08, 2004
97 118