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that was awesome, or that was horrible can be used in both situations
Trevor: Tori, that scooter jump was Foop!
Tori: Thanks
by Tori Jones August 12, 2007
3 23
the action of farting in your hand which is directly placed upon the crevis of your ass cheeks and taking that hand to cover another's mouth so they get nothing but a mouthfull of methane gases and fecal particals; mixture of a fart and a scoop
Damn i got fooped by Amir so bad the other day that i threw up right afterwards
by foop masta J June 26, 2007
5 25
The sound a spaceship operated by robots of Krikkit makes when it blinks out of the area, only to reappear in another realm of the galaxy. Unfortunately, you'll probably be dead by the time this word is "said".

Used in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy} series
The Krikket spacecraft disappeared with a sound like 100 thousand people saying, "foop"
by Naota April 06, 2004
31 51
Feeling Out Of Place.
...I'm feeling really foop right now.
by randomer January 17, 2007
11 32
v. This happens when you fart first and then a little poop comes out. The total opposite of shart - meaning to shit and then fart.
Yesterday I fooped and had to go to the restroom to wipe.
by imacowhunter March 06, 2006
20 41
A less offensive word to replace a widely used swear word starting with the same letter. Originated from television when swear words are bleeped out. Also used for people/persons who's name(s) has been surpressed in court.
You're a motherfoopin towel!
What the foop did you just do to my household insurance?!
The woman who allegedly raped the kitten was foop MCfoop.
Foop I shouldn't swear anymore.
by ravenhiss September 14, 2003
16 37
a foolish, socially inept person
the foop sneezed softdrink all over himself and swore at his misfortune
by Ben Arnold January 15, 2006
7 31