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replacement for "fucking"
1- verb form
2- adj form
3- noun form
1- he was fooking his hoe when his parents walked in
2- he looked like a fooking mess
3- you should have seen the fooking his dad gave him afterward!
by chugg3h June 09, 2003
Oh come on, this is obvious!
Grant: Gimme a drag on dat joint, you dumb ass foo king idiot!

Joe: here you go!
by awbster May 17, 2010
To be on Facebook for an extended period of time
Sarah: Hey Emily, what are you up to?
Emily: Hey! nm just fooking around.
by eringirl39 January 14, 2012
sexual conversations over Facebook chat; much like "sexting"
"Addison, I want to suck your cock. Please come now."

by BStew&JHo September 06, 2011
the act of fucking and pooping at the same time. sometimes this act of sex may get out of hand and couples will end up rubbing shit on each other like in the hit internet video 2 girls 1 cup
Guy #1"god! i hade shit when i was humping my lady friend last night!"

Guy #2 "you should have started fooking her!"
by webber18 March 03, 2010
another form of "fucking" used in the taco bell drive threw while ordering/waiting for food
example- 1)fooking ghey boolsheet
2) I want a fooking crunch wrap supreme with no fooking tomatoes
by ksaa March 11, 2007
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