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An act of farting outing of your anus and queffing from your vagina.
"dude i was totaly turned on by my girlfriend untill she freffed!"
by webber18 February 25, 2010
a measuring device of jizz. You measure jizz with a jizz scale. it takes many years of training to to get atleast ten pounds of jizz weight.
"dude i was so stoaked when my jizz weight was 8 pounds!"
by webber18 February 26, 2010
the act of banging a chick while frying bacon or any other type of meat. this is good to do when you plan of have sex during lunch time or having sex for so long you get hungry. this technique is good for picnics and sex days.
Bro #1 " so how was your day yesterday?"

Bro#2 : " fucking amazing! me and my girlfriend had sex all day! we even did some Bangin Bacon!"
by webber18 March 04, 2010
the act of fucking and pooping at the same time. sometimes this act of sex may get out of hand and couples will end up rubbing shit on each other like in the hit internet video 2 girls 1 cup
Guy #1"god! i hade shit when i was humping my lady friend last night!"

Guy #2 "you should have started fooking her!"
by webber18 March 03, 2010

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