Something that keeps you satisfied.
An alternative to sex.
i love you like a fat kid love cake
by ernesto November 19, 2003
some type of item u out into u mouth and shove it down ur throut to stop your hunger
im hungrey pass the food
by blabla October 08, 2003
smth that provides nourishment, does not include chocolates or lollipops
Food includes Bhaat, daal, maach, mangsho
by Albert Einstein 123456 May 16, 2010
A term used for pot, green, marijuana, bud, and weed.

Name was given because people tend to find themselves extremley hungry, with the munchies, when smoking marijuana.

This term is very easy to use around parents and non-smokers alike because it's a everyday term.
Ex. 1:
Guy 1: Hey man, want to come with me to get some food.

Guy 2: Hell yeah! I've been wanting some good food for a while.

Ex. 2:
Guy 1: Want to eat some food.

Guy 2: Fuck yes I'm down.
by Lewta and She Yellow Head July 14, 2009
that which you have to eat to survive.
i got some wait..smoked some some a burrito..took out the trash
by papermachete November 01, 2005
Anything that can be digested within a mammalian digestive tract that will but the digestive tract to use, in order to send the "full" signal to the brain to stop hunger.
Did you have any food?
Yea. I had some mac and cheese out of my fridge. It was a bit mouldy, but it did its job.
by gusto5 October 16, 2004
Food is a word that people use as a secret word for weed or cannabis
"Have you got the food"
"ye man. have you got the money?"
"ye course"
by IcKeL February 22, 2006

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