Person 1: *chomp chomp chomp* How are people anorexic? Food is LIFE!

Person 2: They probably aren't human. *chomp chomp chomp*
by jujujuniperju February 12, 2010
some type of item u out into u mouth and shove it down ur throut to stop your hunger
im hungrey pass the food
by blabla October 08, 2003
The most delicious thing in the world that you can not live without. It's better than anything in the world.
"Hey Jacob, food is amazing"
"Are you kidding me, it's the best"
by Mckenzie112 May 25, 2015
A substance containing friendship, along with Netflix, In other words. Life.
Cute Boy: Hey, do you want to hangout?
Girl: No sorry, I'm busy
Cute boy: Oh, family?
Girl: No, food, and Netflix.
by Phareux October 20, 2014
Anything that can be digested within a mammalian digestive tract that will but the digestive tract to use, in order to send the "full" signal to the brain to stop hunger.
Did you have any food?
Yea. I had some mac and cheese out of my fridge. It was a bit mouldy, but it did its job.
by gusto5 October 16, 2004
Something that keeps you satisfied.
An alternative to sex.
i love you like a fat kid love cake
by ernesto November 19, 2003
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