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(Note: Two words): Any small unidentifiable residue, globule, or spill, usually sticky or crusty.
"Jenny, I'm not lending you my phone any more. It had foo goo on the face that I had to scrape off. Were you eating fried chicken or what?"
by al-in-chgo October 06, 2013
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foogoo: to dance in a room with no one to see you.
I Foogoo late at night.
by THE GUY WITH ANSWERS February 16, 2010
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A mix of vagina juce, cum, and liquified shit.
(person1): Hey you have some Foogoo on your face.

(person2): Yeah, I had an orgy with my brother and, my wife, the Foogoo went flying!
by Chum kilgus February 11, 2009
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