Used in the 80's to identify a person. Now only homo people from the west coast use it. West coast people also known as HOMO THUGS
I b from the west foo i b whack foo
by PSXy April 09, 2005
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a girls boobs her tits whatever u call a woman's breasts
by anymous March 12, 2005
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When you think you need a poo but when you actually try to go it's just a fart.
"You were finished in there quickly"
"Nah, it was just a foo"
by jaiiiiiiiii August 03, 2016
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I word commonly used in the hispanic american communities in the U.S primarily in southern California. From what we know it to be, it has nothing to do with the word fool. It is used in the substitute of a name and anybody can be called it i.e. your friend, foe, sister, brother, some random guy at a party, etc...
Hey foo! Where you at?

Ohh i know him. He's a bitchass foo!
Ey! When you foos coming through?
by Nos.. November 27, 2016
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State of extreme ugliness.
Super ugly.
That boy was foo, far from cute!
by Catori November 18, 2010
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An alternative for the word "fuck". It's a clean version, But still gives off the same vibe.
What the foo?!
Are you fooing with me??
foo it up!!
I'm fooed for this test!
by Wolhsursixela August 28, 2016
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When one farts and a small amount of poo also leaves the anus.
Oh my god kieran just did a foo! Now he has to clean up his undies!
by --Willy-- October 07, 2009
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