A person who farts in the bath tub and bites the bubble.
You are a Fonzanoon when say for example a kid is in the bath tub farts and bites the bubble. Mook or Retard
by Daddy's balls August 08, 2009
Top Definition
someone who farts in the bathtub and then bites the bubbles as they come up
I don't know why anyone would want to be a fonzanoon. Maybe I should ask Dan, since he is one.
by the prophet March 25, 2003
Someone who farts in the bathtub and bites the bubbles.
That kid Cameron is a fonzanoon. You can tell by his breath.
by Pablo Nikinz March 16, 2011
Someone who sniffs the farts out of old movie theater seats.
Sit back and enjoy the movie you stupid fonzanoon.
by Stymie Green January 27, 2005
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