The gangster term for going.
I'm foing to go buy me some new galoshes.
by Robber snake January 15, 2009
Top Definition
As seen on ARFCOM: a meme started when a poster wrote "foing" instead of "going".
"A two-dude threesome, what should I do?" "Fuck it, I'm foing."
by WhyTanFox September 10, 2008
Originated on when a member (Shawnofthedead) was invited to a threesome that included a male and female and started a thread. He, in haste and against the advice of many members, said "fuck it im foing" and was never heard from since.

An obvious typo has now transformed the word "going" to "foing" on the ARFCOM boards.
sgtar15 - Check out my dolls SteyrAUG
SteyrAUG- Fuck that, im foing to clean my white tiles.
by Scorch05 October 09, 2008
Typical of a person:

1) either chatting with too many people at once on msn.

2) up for 24 hours plus chatting

3) sticky keys
"What are you foing"?
by Kiss November 17, 2004
to be cool or to look awesome
That show was pretty foing.
by Prof. Tor Coolguy May 02, 2004
The act of pretending to reach sexual climax when in reality, you're really just trying to get your partner off of you so you can get some sleep.
"I couldn't believe how long he kept trying! Finally I just ended up foinging so he would stop already."
by evollanrete October 11, 2008
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