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2 definitions by GetUpOffOfThatThang

The Focker is a modified version of "The Shocker."
In an attempt to induce the focker, the male slides the index and middle finger into the vagina, while proceeding to slide the ring finger and pinky into the asshole.
Oh my gosh, VJ gave Channon the focker and Channon sharted on his finger!
by GetUpOffOfThatThang December 02, 2010
29 2
The sudden urge to take a shit right in the middle of a game of Call of Duty. It usually hits the gamer with around seven minutes remaining in the game. Any true gamer will fight through the pain and play the rest of the game, nearly shitting his pants.
V.J. had a 7 kill streak with around seven minutes left in the game. However, the Veja found an alternative. His buddy, Channon gave him the focker to plug his brown eye up. Thus, taking care of "the COD: Call of Doody."
by GetUpOffOfThatThang January 16, 2011
14 0