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Best damn food in the world, really good catering
That pasta was soooo good it was FOCS, We just got FOCSed
by Arne79Arne April 22, 2010
To FOC; The art of FOCing: When one FOC's they are attending a cafeteria at Central Michigan University titled "Real Food On Campus". By no means is it the word it seems to be alluding to and is in fact, the act of going to enjoy your breakfast, lunch or dinner in the rFOC. Coined by the 7th floor in the school year of 2010-2011.
Just woke up. Somehow still tired (maybe even slightly more?) went and had a really quick FOC by myself because Chelsea wasn't yet back from class. Maybe next time :)

"Let's go FOC!"
by Andi and Charlie October 24, 2010
1. a southside Chicago term usually used when referring to something flashy and/or expensive

2. southside Chicago term meaning to focus

3. a well-known hip-hop group from Chicago, Illinois. the acronym stands for Focused On Cash.
1. "You see that whip sitting on dubs? Joe, that's some FOC shit."

2. "You gotta FOC in order to make money on these streets."

3. "You heard that new FOC song? It's called 'FOC Where You At?'"
by ACE Boogie (of FOC) September 22, 2008
fondeler of cock
Dave is a f.o.c. but terry is a follower of christ.
by jish013 October 25, 2008
"Fear of Cock."
To literally be afraid of the male sex organ, or in other words- to abstain from sucking dick.
I won't suck his wang, I have F.O.C!
by seks April 15, 2006
"Farting on Command"
The ability to suck in and expel air through ones anal cavity repetitively to produce farting noises.
Farting is easier when you F-O-C!
by Bob Barker Boped You February 25, 2012
Fresh-out-the-closet, pronounced "fock".

Sort of like a FOB, but refers to a closet gay just newly coming out with his/her homosexuality.

After feeling such relief of letting go of his/her burden (having to hide his/her homosexuality) he or she becomes giddy with acceptance and garners much attention from other homosexuals or closet gays.
G: "Hey, my friend just just came out of the closet?"
J: "Really? So he's a FOC."
G: "Yeah man, and he's been telling me he's been getting hit on by all these other guys. He couldn't be happier."
by blarghbeeblahblee August 15, 2011