Why does Snoop Dog carry an umbrella?
This umberella is "fo' drizzle".
by ESROTU March 07, 2005
Top Definition
why snoop dogg carries an umbrella
Why did Snoop Dogg carry around an umbrella?...FO DRIZZLE! LOL!
by : ) March 17, 2004
What Snoop Dogg carries an umbrella for.
Haha...that's the dumbest joke ever!!!
by Douchebag March 13, 2004
Why snoop dogg carries an umbrella
"Why you got that umbrella, Snoop?" "Yo man, Fo' Drizzle."
by Crayoneater November 18, 2004
is rain like substance that does not have to fall from the sky.
Snoop Dogg uses an umbrella fodrizzle.
by Campus Security December 03, 2005
the act of a certain person, with red hair, is a vegetable, and constanly bobs his head and says "yeah". This is when he pees his pants in front of the entire band, and tells a certain someone, "yeah, man, it was just an accident"
hey, i just Fodrizzle all the time
by Si Senor Sabate October 18, 2006
When someone shoots a fade-away for (fo') 3 in a basketball game while there is a light rain outside (its drizzling). Inspired by Carmello Anthony.
3 seconds left, takes off to the left, fade-away shot....FO' DRIZZLE!!!!!!!!
by Matt 24 March 10, 2008
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