fosho, for sure, definitely. We all know "fosho" is getting old, let's get real now. It's time for a new word. Fodefs is officially taking the place of "fosho". May fosho rest in peace.
person 1:yo homie, wanna hit up McDonalds and get us some nuggets?

person 2: fodefs.
by taxidermy911 August 26, 2009
Like "Mos Def" or "Fo Sho".
A combination of the "for" from fo sho and the "definitely" from mos def, as in "Most Definitely."
"Tried that new demo yet?"
"Fo def; it was awesome."
by shwingshwang January 07, 2008
A contraction between the word definitely and the phrase "for sure". Used as assurance, reassurance, confirmation, acceptance, affirmation, encouragement, agreement, and many more.
Jim: let's order a pizza and watch Terminator 2 tonight.
Joey: fo defs.
by jimjimjimjimjimjimjim December 25, 2010
A slang term meaning "for sure" or "definitely."
A: Dude, wanna go get some McDonalds?

K: Fodef. I'll have a McChicken Plain.
by kwaptzdjls June 20, 2009
FODEF is an amalgamation of the words 'Forkulate' and 'Deforkulate'. To 'Forkulate' is to turn an object of being into a fork, and to 'Deforkulate' is to do the opposite. FODEF is the name of the process in which these two are used together, and is commonly used in dishwasher-related time travel.
Have you tried FODEF yet? It's meant to be really, really good.
by Tom Richards November 08, 2004
originaly a typo on aim a combonation between for sure and definatly or def. now it is a word that is ten times better than both of those words
man that movie was of the hook
yeah fo def.
by Kyizzzzie April 19, 2006
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