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Captain Caveman, possibly the most hairy catoon character ever & hails from Wacky Races, where he raced a similar model car to that of Fred Flinstone. Knon for his prowess with a finely fashioned club and his infatuation with Penelope Pitstop.
Captain Caveman really doesn't like Dick Dastardly
by Rez August 29, 2003
Someone who accuses a group of being hypocritical when the group they didn't bash is just as guilty of hypocrisy.
"George Bush likes to appeal to minorities with his speeches, but he and his brother Jeb don't even let the African-American ballots through on election day."
by Rez April 24, 2005
The cutest and cuddliest alien of the Half-Life mod Natural Selection.
Omfg, that gorgie is so cute! His pretty webs and sexy wet feet! Spluuurggg!
by rez July 16, 2003
Kinda like for real but 90 times cooler
She is hot! Fo def.!
by Rez December 11, 2004

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