The process of sticking dead animals in one's vagina
She fnorked that chipmunk
by Jacob September 10, 2004
Top Definition
The sound produced when two elephants, joined at the trunk sneeze simultaneously

n. A Low to high-pitched, irritating screech.
v. fnorked, fnorking, fnorks To utter in or as if in a fnork.
v.intr. To cry out in a low to high-pitched, strident voice.
The entire zoo shook when Gerald and Phyllisity sneezed while exchanging a peanut via thier trunks producing an ear shattering fnork, which sent thirteen people to the hospital with damaged eardrums, and generated a $1700.34 veterinarians bill to extract a peanut (in the shell) from the tear duct in Gerald’s left eye.
by MetLab Bob May 20, 2006
To ruin, destroy, or make dysfunctional.
"Fnorked" is commonly used as an adjective to describe something that is messed up or dysfunctional.

May be a corruption of the vulgar word "fuck".
The cheap tape dispenser was fnorked.
by Sminty January 06, 2008
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