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An exclamation of solidarity with one's fellow hobos, tramps, bums, and vagrants with connotations of the inevitability of the coming of the hobocracy. A statement of one's love for ones fellow Hobo sapiens. The exclamation is usually followed by a savage bludgeoning with a household object or a fatal or near-fatal stabbing with a spork.
"Fneh!" - Exclamation by a malodorous, disheveled individual after downing a triple shot of alcoholic liquor distilled from his own urine
by Hobocyclops April 25, 2011
when a person can not think of a come back they say "fneh"

was created during a moment or boredom. meaning - fish never eat horse-radish (:
you are so lame and i hate you !
-... fneh !

do you know a really cool thing about fish ?

-err fneh !?
by Norrrisss October 03, 2009